Welcome to the Five Year Plan that will bring you overnight success.

Hopefully that phrase makes you smile, because there is never a true overnight success. Whatever field you want to succeed in takes work. The only people benefiting from the idea of becoming an overnight success are the snake oil salespeople telling you it can be done.

Our Course

Over the next five years, you'll execute a plan I (James) wish I'd had when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a bestselling novelist back in 2000.

This plan will make you invest your time. It will make you invest your emotional energy. Along the way you'll wonder if you can do it. But it will work. (And yes, you do have the strength.)

Are You Ready?

Yes, the mountain looks massive. But you can climb it. One step. Then another. Then another. And we'll be beside you every boot mark you make.

Let's dive in. Let's dive deep.

Complete and Continue