Year 1 Introduction

We’re thrilled you’re here.

You wouldn’t be unless you’re done with the game and have become serious about becoming a bestselling author. And guess what? This course will work. If you follow this plan, it will absolutely make the dream come true. Guaranteed.

Why This Course?

We developed this course for two reasons. First, we’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of writers over the past ten plus years who have a deep desire to become bestselling novelists, but keep whacking their heads into the proverbial wall.

While they often get solid information on blogs, at conferences, on websites and in books, there wasn’t a map, one central place where they could be guided around all the pitfalls and taught about the shortcuts.

We wanted to give them that map, so they could speed up the time it takes to become a bestseller. (The average time for most bestselling novelists is ten years.)

The second reason is, Dan Foley, a listener to our podcast, Novel Marketing wrote to us and said he’d realized he only had a vague idea of what to do to become a bestselling novelist and asked if we could help.

Thomas said we should create course and here we are.

Step by Step

The Novel Marketing Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author is a step by step course that will guide you through each month of the year for the next five years. It will guide you in exactly what you need to study each quarter to publish your first bestselling novel.

A Quick Reminder

Want to get into print fast? Then this isn’t the course for you. This is for serious authors who are serious about achieving success the only way possible: by working their tails off. This course is about building a career not acquiring a garage full of books that don’t sell.

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through each year, quarter by quarter and give you encouragement, tips, and advice from those who have gone before you ... us!

To give you a preview, here's what we're going to cover in Year One:

Year One: The Fundamentals of Writing

  • The Best Writing Podcast for Learning the Craft of Fiction
  • What the Winningest Coach in College Basketball history can teach us about writing
  • A Writing Exercise you can do in Minutes, with Massive Pay Off
  • The Six Essential Craft Books You Must Read
  • How to Pick Your Genre
  • The Hollywood Formula for Bestselling Movies and Novels
  • The Essential Writing Exercise that will Get you In Shape to Write a Novel like no Other
  • Why Joining a Writing Group is Critical to Your Success (and how to do it)
  • How to Find a Writing Group that Fits Your Experience and Personality
  • How to Succeed at NanoWriMo

Are you ready? Excellent. Let’s dive in!

To your success,

Thomas and James

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